Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emergency Response Training

138 Days to the Ice
Things are starting to move along. My pre-deployment emergency response training in Denver will start in 10 days and I have learned what its components will be:

Critical Incident Stress Management Training: 1 day
Trauma Team Training: 3 days
Fire Brigade Training: 5 days
OSHA Training: 1 day
Raytheon Orientation*: 2 days

*Raytheon Orientation is normally given immediately before deployment, so that part may be postponed until nearer my deployment date in February. Still, it's going to be a busy two weeks.


Rob Stowell said...

OK Chuck... this is all very cool (no pun intended) but you're in Denver now and we (I?) need more info... what's going on? How's the first few days of training going. Have they taught you how to do open heart surgery with a Bic pen yet?
~ Rob

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