Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100 Below Zero

The temperature did not reach -100F during the last two winters at the Pole, but this year we passed that mark today.  It looks like a cold winter since it is only April and the coldest months are still ahead.  Tomorrow I will go outside and find out what -100F feels like.

The barometric pressure is also very low at 670 mb.  If you are at the beach right now your pressure is probably 1000 mb.  That means we only have 67% of the air you have.  No wonder climbing stairs is so hard here.  You would have to go straight up to 11,000 feet to get the same level of oxygen and pressure we have today.  At this altitude I sometimes wake up during the night and have to breath deeply for a few minutes before I can get back to sleep.


Fern Emma said...

What is the source of your heat for your living quarters? And can the interiors really be comfortable at those massively cold temperatures? or are you always wearing layers and layers inside?
And seems scary to be so oxygen deprived that it wakes you in the night!!!
Am still enjoying being at the South Pole vicariously -- thanks to your blog.

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