Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Baaack!

Sorry for the long time since the last post, but I was stuck in a mental groundhog day state for about two weeks where every single day seemed like the day before.  I'm in a better mood now and although I can't say every day is a day of exciting new discoveries, things are picking up a bit.  I finished a big project this week and that helped take away some of the same 'ol, same 'ol feelings of the past month as well.

The auroras have been magnificent for the past few weeks and the pictures below only hint at them.  The really great ones I just stared at and didn't go get my camera.  Anyway, it is very hard to photograph them because of the extreme cold.  Even when there isn't any wind the -90 temperatures just make fingers ache in a couple of minutes when adjusting the camera.

We have our big monthly emergency response drill in the morning and the entire station will be taking part.  We have four emergency response teams that specialize in quick response, fire-fighting, trauma and logistical support.  All they know about the drill is that it will involve a simulated chemical spill.  It isn't going to be quite what they expect, but that is the nature of real emergencies.  Everything is set up for them to succeed, so I hope things will go well.  We will have a photographer taking pictures so I may have something interesting to post next week.

Not having seen a single living thing on the station (other than the 46 other humans) over the past four months, not even an insect, I really miss my cats.  I know there is the Antarctic Treaty that bars animals, but a dog or a cat on station would really be good for morale.

Well that's all for today.  Temperature -87F, wind chill -109F, altitude 11,200 feet.  Dark.


Barb Alexy said...

Welcome back--we missed you!

Do you feel like the constant dark and cold is taking a toll on you? Bernie mentioned a while back that he thinks it's affecting everyone at McMurdo.

Rhonda Abdulwahab said...

Hello! My Aunt is one of you neighbors in NC, BJ Venable, she turned me on to your blog and I have enjoyed reading your adventures!! We're in Saudi Arabia and have the absolute total opposite weather from what you're experiencing - reading your blog cools us off a bit! I've added you to my feeds now and look forward to following you through the snow and ice.

J. Reaves said...

Hello Rhonda,
BJ has told me about you. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

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