Monday, August 23, 2010


After seven months, five of them in complete darkness, I am starting to have a tenuous relationship with time.  Sunday afternoon I thought it was Monday morning; and today, Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday.  I'm also  waking up at about 3:00 am every morning.  I don't even know what time I go to bed.

The South Pole Scott tent is up for our outdoor camping pleasure.  So far only one person has taken the plunge and tried to sleep in it.   The tent is only about 20 yards from the station, but this is extreme backyard camping nevertheless.  Sign-out, sign-in is required, as is an emergency radio, spare battery, and two huge sleeping bags.  You have to put your boots in the sleeping bag with you or they will be too cold to put on in the morning.  Temperature tonight: -80F.  Think I'll stay in my nice warm room.

We had a Hash House Harriers race here last Saturday night and I was inducted into the International HHH registry.  HHH describes itself as a drinking club with a running problem.  We couldn't run between stops here at Pole because it was too cold and the altitude too high, but we had fun walking the route between drinking stations. What can I say, we have to get our fun where we can.  It was beautiful outside that night with a clear sky, little wind and a bright full Moon to light our way.  Google Hash House Harriers for more information.

Even there are still over two months before we can leave, most everyone is counting the days until then... literally. Seventy-three days until we get airlifted out on an LC-130.  Weather permitting.

South Pole Aurora, Aug 9, 2010. Joe Romagnano


Desert Tortise said...

Tried to get 8th-graders to define "time" today. That didn't work out...

Anonymous said...

Tried to get my friends to go backpacking in Death Valley for a couple of nights this summer, no takers. I had a great time and it only got to 119. Now I need to get down there and try in a scott's tent.

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