Friday, October 29, 2010

I am tired.  Bag-drag was today for my flight to McMurdo Monday so I'll be living out of a small overnight suitcase for the next two days.  I managed to mail most of my personal stuff home and don't have much to lug on and off airplanes on the way home.  I learned my lesson coming down here (or maybe I didn't - any comments anonymous?) and mail is much preferable to lugging suitcases.

We had a Twin Otter plane land a few minutes ago for refueling.  It is on its way to McMurdo, flying across the continent from Chile.  It will be flying various missions in Antarctica in support of bases and field camps.  We will get one of our scheduled C-130 flights in today, which will take out some winterovers.  The winterovers won't be able to go straight to Christchurch on the C-17 after arriving at McMurdo, but will have to stay overnight and fly tomorrow.

I'm basically a tourist at the South Pole these days, as all my duties have been taken over by my replacement.  I don't even have my radio any more.  My life now is packing and cleaning and putting stuff in skua for arriving people to use.


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