Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No incoming planes tomorrow, so the dreaded 120 summer folks will have to stay in McMurdo.  The problem is that summer camp, which will house all the new folk, has a frozen sewer line.  That means no water can be used there so it is uninhabitable.  If we can't get it fixed we can't bring in people. If we can't bring in people, we can't leave.

[Note: I found out after posting this that we can open the jamesways at summer camp without running water or toilets.  We have solar-powered portable toilets believe it or not!]

We will get planes to bring in much needed fuel, but that is all - no people.  The winter engineering and maintenance crew have been working hard to get the sewer pipe unfrozen, and it looked like it was fixed over the weekend, but it froze again on Monday.  Will any winterovers be able to leave on those fuel planes? Well maybe.  We can't depopulate the station entirely, so many will have to stay until new people arrive.  My replacement got here on one of the Baslers so there is probably no reason for me to stay.  I may be able to hitch a ride on one of those LC-130s, but there is a complication that fuel-only planes normally don't take passengers either in or out.  It's complicated.

Frankly I don't know what is going on and there is no telling when I will be getting out of here.

In the meantime, all the incoming polies are hanging out in McMurdo unable to get to Pole, so McMurdo is packed with people sleeping on top of each other.


Fern Emma said...

Maybe everything is sorted out by the time I write this and you are already on your way to the 'outside' world.
It will probably be quite an adjustment as you return to masses of people, traffic jams, noise, and lights that blot out the night sky.
Wish you well on your re-entry.
Fern Emma

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