Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today is my last full day at the South Pole station.  Of course the plane to take us out has to get here tomorrow and we have not had any luck in that area so far.  Every scheduled LC130 has been canceled for one reason or another for over a week.  The most recent flight in had to turn back when one of its engines quit part way here!

Today is also Sunday which is the normal SP day off, so I have things pretty easy.  Up at 6:30 for toast and coffee and sitting around with other departing Polies until 10:30 when brunch was served.  Then brunch until 11, then reading and napping until 1 pm.  Yaaaawn.  I will go outside one last time to take pictures of my replacement at the Pole markers.

If all goes well I will be lifting off the ice here at about 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.  That's less that 24 hours!  About five hours later I will arrive in McMurdo where I will spend the night.  I'll leave McM Tuesday afternoon (Monday in the US), and arrive in civilization in Christchurch NZ that evening.  Trees, grass, birds, dogs, cats and all those other things I have neither seen nor smelled for almost ten months.  I can hardly wait.

I'll be in  Christchurch for about a week.  I'll probably continue to post on the blog during that time, but it is getting close to the end time for my adventure at the South Pole and I will probably retire 90Below in a week or two.


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