Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things have been postponed here. The Baslers, which normally operate in Greenland and the North Slope head down to Antarctica about this time every year.  They arrive in Chile, fly to Rothera Base and then across the ice to the South Pole, refueling at each stop.  From here they fly to McMurdo and start shuttling supplies and people between McM and South Pole.  Well the Basler is still stuck in Chile because of bad weather and we don't know when it will arrive in Antarctica.  It was supposed to have been here two days ago, and was supposed to bring the first load of summer people in tomorrow, but that clearly isn't going to happen if it is on the ground in Chile.

If the Baslers don't fly then the aircraft fueling personnel don't get to SP, and if the fuelies aren't at the Pole then the LC-130s don't fly in and we don't get flown out.  Everything is getting pushed back.  But I hear this is pretty normal so I'm not too worried - I'm just getting anxious to get out of here after nine long months.

Anyway - here are some pictures of general station opening activities.

Sunset picture six months ago. South Pole Telescope and ceremonial pole marker.

Mel MacMahon, station manager, on top of a fuel tank being moved in to add to the station's fuel reserves.

Look at that flag - it is really windy and cold.  Paul Smith on top of a fuel tank being connected to the emergency fuel module.  I don't remember the temperature that day, but I sure remember the wind.

Same day - Boyd Brown, left, and Jason McDonald preparing to pull a fuel tank out of its winter storage location at the far end of the station's perimeter. This is probably the fuel tank that you see in the pictures above.  Genevieve Ellison in the loader.

Mel MacMahon

Fuel tank being brought to its resting place near the EFM (Emergency fuel Module).


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