Monday, October 25, 2010

A quick update on what is going on here.  My replacement did arrive on Sunday via Basler, and I am doing turnover things with him.  He tires easily so we are going slow.  There may or may not be an LC-130 coming in this week - it all depends on the weather.  The weather has to be good at both McMurdo and here.  Right now it is great at Pole but bad at McMurdo.

It looks like I might be leaving on the first LC-130 next week, possibly on Monday.  But maybe even earlier on Friday.  Then maybe one day in McMurdo (or not) and on to Christchurch.  As you can tell, it isn't easy to make travel plans here.  When I get to Christchurch I am not thinking about travel things for a few days just to relax and be a complete bum.  I'm going to hang out in their botanical garden (remember I haven't seen a plant other than in the greenhouse for nine months), try to find a dog or cat to pet, walk around without ECW gear, and watch the Sun rise and set once a day!


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